The Merging of ZAWN: My first time baking for a wedding

My good friends Zack and Dawn (collectively, Zawn) asked me to bake cookies to serve at their wedding reception. Oh, I’m honored!

This really meant, “Oh, I’m freaking the F out right now because I care about these people and don’t want to screw it up.”

I had to make something sparkly, because duh. After many failed attempts of spraying glitter onto cookies, I decided to go with the tried and true glitter ball.


My most loyal readers will remember these as Recipe 3. If you aren’t familiar, please go read it. 

Why do you care so much about glitter, Nate? Besides my favorite color being “glitter,” the theme of the wedding was “retro-futurism” and they were married under the stars…of THE PLANETARIUM!

If you need further evidence that they are cool, their getaway car was a DeLorean.


Okay, moving the conversation back to me.

They were going to have around 100 guests, so I had to make 100 cookies. Not so bad, except these are sandwich cookies so I had to make double! 2 batches wasn’t going to guarantee to be enough, so I had to go with 3.


I was very organized and had somewhat of an assembly line set up.


4 hours later I had 300 half-balls! I was seriously standing and rolling and baking for 4 straight hours. Not a single thing went wrong. THIS WAS MAGIC.

Those brown ones are a chocolate variety. By chocolate variety, I mean I melted some Guittard chocolate and added it to the dough. My first improvisation worked!

I waited until Friday morning (the day of the wedding) to put the filling in because I didn’t want them to melt.


This part probably only took an hour. Not bad.


Lotsa glitter ballz.

I put each one in a mini-cupcake liner and boxed them up. Aw hell no, I was not about to have them getting the filing all over each other.


How professional! Paired with my new business cards and everything.

Did I mention that I also had to drive these 100 miles north? Traveling with cookies was also a first for me.


I kept the car at a brisk “LO” setting and they survived!

Here they are on display.





And my new business cards (with some still tied up):



Here is a pic of me with the cooks.



And one of me with some mannequin arms.


5 responses to “The Merging of ZAWN: My first time baking for a wedding

  1. The cookies looks delish and CuTe 😉 and it was fun reading your post.

  2. so exciting! they look great, and what a great idea to put them in little mini liners. practical and fancy. 😉 hopefully many more weddings and parties to come!

  3. The looks awesome! Great job!

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