Recipe 16: Hugs and Kisses Cookies

Valentine’s Day is approaching and there are a few related cookies in the app. I decided to start with Hugs and Kisses Sugar (and chocolate) Cookies.

2 separate recipes in 1? Martha, you crazy! Or is it me that’s crazy for going for it?

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Recipe 15: Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been avoiding chocolate chip cookies because I’m famous for ruining them. when I say I’m “a bad baker” it’s because of those.

Well, I’m ready. At least I think so.


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Recipe 14: Banana Whoopie Pies

I’ve never eaten a whoopie pie, so I’m not sure how they’re supposed to turn out. I love bananas and these look good, so I decided to try them.

It was a fun, but somewhat frustrating experience. I had some issues with the pastry bag! Check it out.  Continue reading

Recipe 13: Chocolate-Caramel Sandwich Cookies

I needed a rebound after the Spritz Sugar Cookies disaster. I’ve made the Glitter Ball cookies twice and they turned out great, so I went for another sandwich cookie.

Everyone loves caramel, right? Well, not me, but I made them anyway.

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Recipe 12: Spritz Sugar Cookies

My parents got me an electric cookie press for Christmas! I was so excited to make cookies with it. Martha only has one recipe using a cookie press:

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