Recipe 3: Glitter Ball Cookies

I went to Starbucks yesterday and they had all their holiday stuff out. I want everything! I probably said, “ooh, I NEED this” 15 times. Ask Megan.

I know that last week I said I was in the holiday spirit, but now I really am. So I rushed home from work, queued up A Very She & Him Christmas on Airplay and started making Glitter Ball Cookies (with creamy ginger filling).

I’ve wanted to make these since the day I bought the app, but didn’t want to jump into something too complicated, too soon. The “glitter” freaked me out. The “sandwiching” freaked me out. I’m on recipe 3, the first 2 were a success, so I went for it.


This recipe calls for a lot of butter. 2 1/2 sticks to be exact. Also, it was supposed to be softened. I had 2 sticks in the fridge and another in the freezer.
I learned a cool tip from Real Simple magazine for softening butter. If you just take it out of the fridge it will take forever, so what you do is cut it into pieces and throw it in a bowl. In 10-15 minutes it will be ready to go! If you need to do it more quickly, you can microwave it for a few seconds. I had prep time, so I just let it sit.

When I mentioned “prep time” I meant take stuff out while shooing Willow off the counter several times. Isn’t she cute, though?

Step 1: Gather powdered sugar, flour, butter, vanilla, salt, honey, ginger, and “glitter” colored sanding sugar.

Martha’s picture showed 3 different colors of sanding sugar on hers. It’s kind of expensive, so I just went with one color. I actually found this red sugar at TJMaxx for $2.99, so not bad. Other colors I saw at Market of Choice were $4-5.

Step 2: Beat together the butter, powdered sugar, and salt “until pale and fluffy”

Don’t worry, Leann, I didn’t overmix. 🙂

Step 3: Add vanilla, then add flour. Bowl guard time! 

I considered leaving off the guard because it would make for a good picture when the flour explodes everywhere, but decided against it. I didn’t want to clean it up.

Step 4: Shape into 3/4-inch balls. (No “heaping tablespoon” here!)
I decided to use a 1/2 teaspoon because it looked about 3/4 inch.

I just pulled it out of the measuring spoon and rolled it in my hands.

Look! I ended up with more than enough! It was supposed to make 2 dozen, so 48 to be sandwiched. I have 52!

Down, Willow!

There’s that damn parchment paper again. I can’t believe I have to cut that shit down to size. I want some that FITS MY NORMAL SIZE PANS!


I baked one tray at a time so I wouldn’t overcook the bottom tray.

Step 7: While cookies are baking, prepare filling by mixing powdered sugar, butter, honey, and ginger. 

We learned from Rachael Ray that you can buy fresh ginger and freeze it. When you need it, you just grate it and it’s ready to go!

I did this very slowly because I don’t like getting my fingers this close to a grater. Imagine the ginger slipping and it just tearing up my hand. NO THX.

It didn’t look like very much when I was done mixing it.

Step 8: Let cookies completely cool on a cooling rack.

Check this out: the second batch got a little warm so some of my cookies melted in the oven. Whoops.

I took that as a sign. It was too ugly to frost, so I needed to eat it. It passed the test.

Step 9: Spread “just enough frosting” to stick the two cookies together.

“Just enough”? C’mon, Martha, that’s no fun! I didn’t want to be a loser and run out of frosting, so I followed your rules THIS TIME.

Done! Wait a minute! I still had like 1/2 cup of frosting left! What the hell?!
(hand added for what the hell emphasis)

That doesn’t look like much, but it was. I saved it and plan on eating it.

Pretty! Next time I think I’ll use lighter-colored sanding sugar like Martha did so you can’t see the bald spots as well.

Martha says, “We used sanding sugar in shades of silver and blue — the perfect palette for a Hanukkah celebration or New Year’s party.”
Thanks, lady, for thinking of my people! Dad, I’m bringing some over for you for Hanukkah.

Step 10: Cup the balls and take a picture of yourself. 

Shout out to Method, my favorite line of cleaning products. That’s the holiday Peppermint Vanilla (saved from last year) spray on the right.

I didn’t have any live (or dead) taste testers at the time. The cats don’t count. I think they’re awesome and the frosting is AMAZING. I brought them to work today and everyone liked them. Or they lied to me. Be honest, people! If they suck, I want to know about it!

Link to the original recipe

Start time: 9:45
End time: 11:25 (1 hour, 40 mins)
Martha’s estimated time: 38 mins
I could probably cut off a lot of time if I didn’t take pictures, but then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about!

Yields: 24
I got: 25 (I ate 2 of the dead ones, remember?)

What did I learn?

  • I need to refrigerate remaining dough while it’s waiting to bake.
  • I can be a little more generous on the frosting next time.
  • Honey is really difficult to get out of a tablespoon and into the mixing bowl. Also messy.

What do I need to learn?

  • Do I need do refrigerate all dough while waiting to bake the next batch, or only this recipe?
  • Still need to compare parchment to Silpat to see difference.

Comments? Questions? Answers? Lay it on me!

14 responses to “Recipe 3: Glitter Ball Cookies

  1. Krystal Tullar

    I loved reading through your baking adventure….how fun!! And the cookies looked yummy too!!


  2. Great blog, Nate!

    After seeing someone real make it (as opposed to imaginary?), I actually feel brave enough to try it myself!

  3. I should have eaten all 4 on the way home, but I was kind enough to bring each of the adults here, one. I should win an award….of more cookies.

  4. Lacy

    These look awesome! I bet red and green sprinkles would make these the perfect Christmas cookies! You should try parchment. I use it more frequently than Silpat. Nice Job!

  5. M

    We should have a cooking show. You bake, I cook. We could vlog and merge out segments. Brennan can produce.

  6. Leann Faulk

    I applaud your holiday spirit! I was in Bux yesterday too, but I was alone, so the strangers just looked at me funny when I told them how much I needed everything.

  7. Meganonymous

    I don’t think Rachel Ray should be mentioned in Martha’s cookie blog. They probably hate each other. A lot. But that is a good tip, I guess. Also that frosting is crazy delicious.

  8. Rose

    1- did you try Michael’s for sanding sugar?

    2- spray the measuring spoon with cooking spray before measuring honey. It should slide right out!

    Keep on baking!

  9. DarlingMush

    I was going to mention Michael’s, too. If you get their emails or see their ad in the paper, they always have good coupons. I’ve found sanding sugar at Ross, too.

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  11. Reblogged this on strictlysupportgroup and commented:
    These look super yummy and very easy to make. We may try them (cat not included!)

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