Quarancookietini 2: Sugar Cookie Martini

I’m back from my sugar coma with another liquid cookie. Today’s recipe comes from Delish #notsponsored #emailme and looks a lot more tame than the circus cookie cocktail.


What is time anymore? Is it Christmas?

NO IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS. That part will be revised.

Step 1: Gather ingredients: milk, vanilla vodka, amaretto, Baileys, sprinkles, homemade sugar cookies

Milk again? I guess I’m not as scared this time. One, because it was fine last time and B) there are 4 ingredients and 3 of them are liquor.

Step 2: Pour in 1/2 cup milkIMG_2098

Oh, that part about homemade cookies. Technically, it called for pre-made dough. Our boujee grocery store only had pre-made organic chocolate chip cookie dough. No Pillsbury…but they had these basic pre-baked pieces of…anyway.

Step 3: Pour in 1/4 cup Baileys

Mhmm. NEXT!

Step 4: Pour in 2 oz vanilla vodka

Remember casinos? One day, I’ll be explaining to the next generation about what used to be Caesars Palace.

Step 5: Pour in 2 oz amaretto

Wait. 2 oz is 1/4 cup. Why is it 1/4 cup Baileys but 2 oz of the others? Is Baileys actually liquor? Is butter a carb? 

Step 6: Rim the martini glass with frosting

If you are wondering why this is not a martini glass, I’ll tell you. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m not getting up out of my chair for more when I can have it now.

Step 7: Roll the rim of the glass in sprinkles

This cocktail is officially de-Christmassed.

Step 8: Shake and give it a nice good strain

Step 9: Repeat all steps because this did not make enough for six three people.

Step 10: Garnish with a cookie



Does it taste like a sugar cookie? No. Is it good? Yes. Is it better than the circus animal cookietini? I’ll never tell.

Link to original recipe

Hand model: Friend + Neighbor Genoa

See ya next time!

One response to “Quarancookietini 2: Sugar Cookie Martini

  1. I feel like there would be a better way of making a sugar cookie cocktail. This is going to take some research.

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