Quarancookietini 3: Oatmeal Cookie Crush

Oatmeal cookies can be controversial at an event. Some love them and some are wrong. Lucky for me, nobody is having potlucks right now so I’m in the court of my own opinion. And it’s always right.


As it turns out, Rachael Ray makes a few cookie cocktails. Move over, Martha! (But don’t really – I love you and you’re the queen always and forever. Please have me on TV with you)  Continue reading

Recipe 82: Jumbo Oatmeal (Raisin) Cookies

Whooooooooa these cookies look BIG!


Wait, what? You made cookies and not a cookietini? Calm down, Karen. Continue reading

Quarancookietini 2: Sugar Cookie Martini

I’m back from my sugar coma with another liquid cookie. Today’s recipe comes from Delish #notsponsored #emailme and looks a lot more tame than the circus cookie cocktail.


What is time anymore? Is it Christmas? Continue reading

Quarancookietini: Aunt Sandy’s Circus Cookie-tini

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s me, Uncle Nate. I’m coming at you live from Quarantine to bring you a cookie-tini! It’s desperate times, people.

I’m not sure if you follow Sandra Lee, but if not, you’re missing a true gem. Recently, she posted a video of the cocktail version of her favorite cookie on earth: Circus Animal Cookies.

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Recipe 81: Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

This time of year is…awkward. Halloween is over, I’m ready for Christmas, but there’s still the problem of Thanksgiving in the way. I think this recipe will fit the inbetween season well.

This comes from Martha’s new book, Cookie Perfection.


PERFECTION?! That’s a strong word, Martha! Yeah…I pre-ordered it because LOOK AT IT. Continue reading

Recipe 80: Cashew Butter and Jam Thumbprints

Hiiiiiiii! I lied to you last time. It’s been a year. Do I even remember how to bake?


Well, I’ll tell you right now…the answer is no! I have a friend, Lindy, who is not eating dairy right now. Fall is in the air (literally, with all my fall candles from Bath & Body Works #notsponsored #pleasesponsorme), so I thought it would be a good idea to make some vegan pumpkin bread! That recipe was not by Martha and it failed, miserably. But this blog is not about that bread, it’s about the dairy-free cookies I tried the next day:


This recipe is in her A New Way to Bake cookbook. This “new way” excludes flour and dairy. This recipe is not on her website. Is this a sign of things to come? Continue reading

Recipe 79: Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies

You might have thought that I’d be one-and-done like last year when I returned and only blogged once. Well, baby don’t believe what you hear. The grande dame still holds center court.

OK, maybe that was a Karen Huger quote, but it applies to this situation and the fact that I’ve been trying to catch up on the Real Housewives of Potomac which is amazing this season!

Anyway, remember when I jokingly asked someone to buy me the Martha Stewart Cookies book?


Shoutout to my friend Matt who just bought his way into this blog post! #spon

We decided to make these:


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Recipe 78: Chocolate Chip Streusel Brownies

Now that I am like so totally annoyed that I have to search the actual internet for recipes, I decided to make something easy for my return to baking.

chocolate-chip-streusel-brownies-0617-102965692_horiz(Photo courtesy marthastewart.com)

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Hello/uh oh/the future

“I feel inspired,” he said, as he pulled back the iPad Smart Cover and slid his finger across the bright screen. There it was, an old friend. The Martha Makes Cookies app was waiting. The blog readers were waiting. Excitedly, he tapped the icon. Then, the unthinkable occurred:  Continue reading

Recipe 77: Dark Chocolate Heart Cutouts

Miss me? We’ll just pretend that 21 month gap didn’t exist. Let’s just call this season 4 of Nate Makes Cookies.

In today’s episode, Nate finds himself in his first house and beautiful new kitchen. Guest star: Brittany (sister).


How sweet.  Continue reading