Quarancookietini 3: Oatmeal Cookie Crush

Oatmeal cookies can be controversial at an event. Some love them and some are wrong. Lucky for me, nobody is having potlucks right now so I’m in the court of my own opinion. And it’s always right.


As it turns out, Rachael Ray makes a few cookie cocktails. Move over, Martha! (But don’t really – I love you and you’re the queen always and forever. Please have me on TV with you)  Continue reading

Recipe 82: Jumbo Oatmeal (Raisin) Cookies

Whooooooooa these cookies look BIG!


Wait, what? You made cookies and not a cookietini? Calm down, Karen. Continue reading

Quarancookietini 2: Sugar Cookie Martini

I’m back from my sugar coma with another liquid cookie. Today’s recipe comes from Delish #notsponsored #emailme and looks a lot more tame than the circus cookie cocktail.


What is time anymore? Is it Christmas? Continue reading