Recipe 2: Mexican Hot-Chocolate Cookies

Okay, people. I had a lot of fun forcing all my friends to read my blog. I got lots of views and the people who tried my Peanut-Chocolate Chip Cookies loved them. I’ll admit, I got a little cocky. I was ready to make a gazillion more.

So today I decided to make Mexican Hot-Chocolate Cookies. They didn’t look too difficult and it was time for cocoa. Glenn Coco.

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I can’t bake. (I think)

Ever since I heard about the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus, I wanted it!

So today I bought one. I also bought the Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app for my iPad for $4.99. Spendy for an app, right? I justified it by saying I’d bake and blog my way through it. So you, my loyal follower(s), you depend on me. I have to keep it up or you’ll shrivel up and die. I know how it is.

I’m not a baker. I’m lazy.
Wait, let me back up. In middle school, I got the highest grade in my home ec class “Baking and Boxers” (we baked and sewed boxer shorts).
High school rolled around and I lost my gift. My friend Jaydra and I baked, but we used the “we suck at baking” excuse. Our food was no treat.

I like my iPad, I like cookies, and I want to be cool. So, here I go.