Recipe 37: Heart Sandwich Cookies

Love is in the air. Love for Nutella, that is. I’ve been saving these for a special occasion, and I finally have one! A friend and I planned a Nutella party (Well, she did all the planning. I just threw the idea out there) so I made these.

Yum. Read on. 

Jordan was in town from Portland and offered to assist. You may remember her from Spice Stars.

Step 1: Bake 1/2 cup oats until golden.

This is a first for me. I pulled them out right before they started burning!

Step 2: Gather other ingredients: Flour, brown sugar, whole-wheat flour, butter, coarse salt, vanilla, and of course Nutella!

Step 3: Stir flours and salt with oats.

Step 4: Beat butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy.

I still love this glass bowl.

Step 5: Add vanilla.

Step 6: Add oat mixture.

Step 7: Form dough into a disk, wrap in plastic, and chill until firm, about 2 hours.

Crap. I’m out of plastic wrap. Will wax paper work? I’ll try it.

Step 8: Roll out dough 1/8 inch thick.

We all know I suck at rolling dough, so I made Jordan do it.

Work that dough, girl.

Nice mani, Jord. She prepared!

Step 9: Cut dough into 2-inch hearts.

Step 10: Bake until golden around edges, 12-15 mins.

WHAT?! Some of these melted! Ughhhhh.

Next time I put them in the freezer for a few minutes before baking.

It worked much better.

Step 11: After cooling, spread filling on and top with another cookie.

Look at that chocolate-hazelnutty beauty.


True luv.

Link to original recipe

Yields: 30
I got: 26

Start time: 8:50
End time: 12:20 (3 hours, 30 mins)
Martha’s estimated time: 3 hours, 30 mins (OMG!)

What did I learn? 

  • Always freeze or refrigerate your dough after cutting, before baking.
  • Nutella is good. I already knew that.
  • The wax paper worked as an emergency substitute. The dough didn’t dry out like I expected.

What do I need to learn? 

  • How do you know when the dough is 1/8 inch thick?
  • How do you get good at rolling dough? Don’t say practice.

These were a hit at the party, but I unfortunately lost the title of “Best Recipe” to Nutella-covered bacon. I was heartbroken.


6 responses to “Recipe 37: Heart Sandwich Cookies

  1. cherryatomic

    Wow! That’s how I would describe those cookies. It was like eating almond roca. So tummy and the texture was great! Also, I see your kitchen is bigger! Nice, room for more toys.

  2. Leann

    Amazing!! Good work. Talk about labor intensive!

  3. Leann

    Also, Jordan’s apron is awesome!

  4. yay for cut out cookies!!

    when I roll, I put a piece of plastic wrap over my dough and then roll over it. It keep the pin from sticking.

  5. jenn

    Ugh rolling dough! I see you shaped the dough ball into t a disk, that always helps…I also see you have a pin with handles on the ends, have you tried one without? I found that when I use my palms on the pin itself I have a lot more control over the pressure….also wilton makes a good rolling pin that has sizing rings on it so you can tell the thickness….its made for fondant but I use it for everything…looks like another success for you but I can say I’d rather have the bacon covered option myself 🙂

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