Recipe 59: Flourless Peanut Butter Granola Balls

Shout out to all you gluten-free people out there. This one’s for you. 

Flourless Peanut Butter Granola Balls


We had a “no bake/no cook” potluck at work, so I decided to make these. 

These looked quick and easy. Maybe this will be a record in speed!

Step 1: Gather ingredients: Oats, Rice Krispies (the gluten-free kind), honey, peanut butter, dried cranberries, butter. 

Like I said, seems easy, right? 

Step 2: Heat honey, peanut butter, and butter until warmed through and smooth. 

You could skip the rest of the steps and use this as an air freshener. Your house will smell like peanut butter for hours. 

Step 3: Add to cereal, oats, and dried fruit. 

The recipe says you can use cherries, raisins, or cranberries. I thought cranberries were the most potluck-friendly choice. Raisins are hard to sell to some people. 

Step 4: Drop mixture by the tablespoon into mini paper cupcake liners. 

I made the mistake of going to Fred Meyer to buy the supplies for this. They do NOT have mini cupcake liners. Does that count as false advertising? “What’s on your list today? You won’t find it at Fred Meyer.” 

So, I tried to just drop them onto a baking sheet. 


Um, that’s not a ball. It spread out! 

I moved on and decided to just use normal cupcake liners. At least they’d be contained. 



Step 5: Chill until set, about 15 minutes. 

They set up, but as they sat and got warm, they started to fall apart again. 

Link to original recipe

Yields: 24
I got: 20

Start time: 10:40
End time: 11:15 (35 mins)
Martha’s estimated time: 25 mins

What did I learn? 

  • This wasn’t as easy as I thought. 
  • Not all Rice Krispies are gluten-free. You have to buy the ones that explicitly say “gluten-free” to be sure. 

What do I need to learn? 

  • Why didn’t they hold together? 
  • Did I overheat the peanut butter/honey mixture? 
  • Did I underheat the peanut butter/honey mixture? 

These were still well-received at the potluck, but they bothered me since they weren’t right. Any ideas on what went wrong? Please leave a comment. 

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4 responses to “Recipe 59: Flourless Peanut Butter Granola Balls

  1. Amanda

    So, I make a version of this at my job. I don’t use butter or any kind of fat other then peanut butter. So, the fat could have been what was causing your problems. We always freeze them and cut them I to bars rather then balls, could try that. Maybe you just needed more cereal. Yes, Fred Meyer pisses me off sometimes!
    Oh and what kind of peanut butter did you use? Try using All Natural like Adams or the kind you can grind at the store. Skippy and JIF have a lot of oil and sugar, that could have been the problem if you used those kinds. 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Oh, and add some oats! They will suck up all you liquid. Try adding a 1/2 cup or so!

  3. Amanda

    Sorry, I didn’t pay attention! There already are oats! Sorry! My bad! 🙂

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